Crystic Roof

The age old problem of leaking roofs is a continual headache for many home-owners, and flat roofs are the worst [often repeat] offenders. Especially in the UK, flat roofs can experience sagging in the centre, allowing rain water to collect and seep through any weak areas. It is preferable for flat roofs to have a gradient of around 1-in-80 which will let water runoff, but this is seldom applied.

We are specialists in the installation of the innovative CrysticROOF, an insitu, cold applied advanced GRP system, manufactured by Scott Bader. This breakthrough roofing product uses glass reinforced polyester, or fibreglass, to create the ultimate in roof weatherproofing.

CrysticRoof – Domestic or Commercial Replacement Roofing System

CrysticROOF is suitable for domestic or commercial application and is a strong, leak free long term solution, ideal for any structure, even where complicated or oddly shaped. It is now used as a solve-all replacement for all flat roofing materials such as bitumen felt. These traditional materials are prone to split and leak, as well as being expensive to maintain.

This market leading resin and top coat is becoming very popular in applications such as the marine industry, due to its superior water resistance.

Waterproof Solution for Flat, Valley, Pitched Roofs or Balconies

CrysticROOF is available in a range of colours with grey being the most popular. There are non slip options containing polypropylene with grit, useful for balconies and walkways. CrysticROOF systems are ideal for use on a variety of roof designs including flat, valley and pitched, or on balconies..

CrysticROOF Application Process

  1. Before installing the CrysticROOF system, we remove the old roof covering, then lay and secure a series of deck boards.
  2. Pre formed roof trims and drip trims are then fitted to the roof perimeter. Drip trims allow water to drain via the existing guttering.
  3. All joints are sealed and a watertight bond is created between the roof and the building masonry. Fibreglass layers are positioned over the deck boards, and the CrysticROOF resin is carefully applied.
  4. Once the resin is cured it is sanded lightly and the top coat is brushed and rollered onto the surface providing a seamless and watertight membrane.

Low Maintenance, Safe, Strong, Long lasting, Weatherproof Coatings

CysticROOF conform to ISO 9001 quality standards and ISO 14001 environmental procedures.

Perfect for refurbishments, extensions and new builds, as a cold lay process, there are no noxious fumes or dangers posed by hot equipment. This reduces any risk of accidents such as burns or illness and breathing issues caused by inhalation of fumes.

CrysticROOF systems will add value to any property by avoiding problems with damp and water ingress and to top it off – it looks great too!!

CrysticROOF recommended installers for Essex & London. Let us solve your flat roof leaking problem NOW.